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​Assoc Prof Adam Switzer talks at Temasek special edition conference on the impact of Global Warming on Singapore

Published on: 14-May-2019

Global Warming, Melting Ice Caps and Rising Sea Levels: Impact on Singapore and the Region, is the theme for Temasek special edition of Ecosperity Conversations, taking place on 6 June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands, in conjunction with Ecosperity Week and World Environment Day. Invited speakers are Assoc Prof Adam Switzer, Principal Investigator, Earth Observatory of Singapore and Associate Chair, Asian School of the Environment and polar explorer Robert Swan, OBE. Asst Prof Switzer will speak about the impact of rising sea levels caused by global warming on Asia’s coastlines, including major coastal cities and hundreds of millions of people living in coastal areas.

See the full program for the event here


Text by Anna Lagerström

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