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​Developing Regional Tephrostratigraphic Frameworks: Applications and Challenges

Published on: 06-Aug-2019

Event Type: Seminar
Event Date: 6 August 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Venue: ASE 3D Viz Laboratory Room (N2-B1c-16c)
Speaker: Dr Karen Fontijn

About the speaker:

Dr Karen Fontijn obtained her Ph.D from Ghent University, Belgium and spent her post-doc at the Earth Observatory of Singapore and the University of Oxford, UK. As a physical volcanologist, she has worked on various volcanoes in different tectonic settings, from rift volcanoes in Tanzania and Ethiopia, to oceanic and continental arc volcanoes in the Philippines, Indonesia and Chile.

About the event:

In settings where volcanoes and lakes closely co-exist, integrating terrestrial and lacustrine data therefore allows the development of regional-scale tephrostratigraphic frameworks. Such frameworks provide a view of temporal trends in volcanic activity and mid/long-term eruptive rates on a regional scale rather than at the level of an individual volcano, i.e. in interaction with regional tectonic stress regimes. They also highlight the spatial distribution of deposits from large explosive eruptions, allowing improved estimates of magnitudes of individual eruptions as well as of frequency of impact by volcanic ash in specific regions. Provided such tephra horizons are well characterized and dated they can be used as age marker horizons and help fine-tune age models for palaeoenvironmental studies. In this presentation I will highlight a few key examples of both local and regional-scale tephrostratigraphic frameworks in Indonesia, Chile and Ethiopia, and discuss the multidisciplinary applications as well as challenges posed by data acquisition.

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