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​ASE students practiced field work skills in Yunnan Gardens

Published on: 08-Dec-2020

Field work is a key part of undergraduate studies in Environmental Earth Systems Science, providing an understanding of the Earth and environment that cannot be gained from classroom studies alone. However, with overseas field trips postponed this year, the factulty teaching Introductory Field Experience (normally set in Bali) organized a field skill day in Yunnan Gardens on NTU campus, to get the students into the spirit of field work at least for a day. 

Running collage.jpg

The field day was set up as an Amazing Race. After forming groups of 5, the students recieved one gps navigator per group that they had to use to get to the various stations, where tasks waited for them. 

Packing collage.jpg

The packing challenge had the students packing field gear into a bag with limited space, bringing only what they needed and remembering all the things they needed (and properly closing the bag without squashing the equipment). As the students now know, this is more difficult than you think ;-)

Geoscience collage.jpg

Identifying rocks, using a compass and learning about volcanic eruptions were some of the geoscience challenges.

Cooking collage.jpg

The cooking challenge involved preparing noodles in the field, adding fresh herbs to improve the taste, and presenting their culinary creations to the hungry but happy jury (top right) for judgement.

Tent collage.jpg

The tent-pitching challenge was perhaps the most difficult, but they did it in the end and next time it will be a little easier ;-) 

Water and plants collage.jpg

Learning to pilot a Trident underwater ROV to explore the depths of Nanyang lake and identifying plants with Dr Shawn Lum were other highlights from the field day.

Computerlab collage.jpg

The society specialisation did a computer simulation exercise.

Congratulations to all students for your great efforts!

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