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​Adapting To Novel Situations: The Evolution Of Root Systems and Mycorrhizal Partnerships in Seed Plants

Published on: 27-May-2019

Event Type: Seminar

Event Date: 27 May 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Venue: ASE 3-D Visualization Lab (N2-B1c-16c)

Speaker: Dr. Oscar J Valverde-Barrantes (Florida International University)

About the speaker:

I am a botanist and microbiologist deeply interested in the study of the belowground interactions between plants and their associated microbial communities. My field of research includes the study of the co-evolution between mycorrhizal fungus and seed plants, the mechanisms driving the variation in functional root traits and the impacts of different root strategies on ecological processes like soil carbon dynamics and species coexistence. My ultimate goal is to incorporate the belowground component as a central topic of discussion, consolidating root ecology as a standalone ecology field.

About the event:

The symbiotic association between roots and mycorrhizal fungi has fascinated botanists, mycologists and ecologists for centuries. Approximately 90% of all current plant species engage in some type of mycorrhizal association, making this symbiosis arguably the most widespread and ecologically important mutualism in nature. In this talk, I will describe the most important mycorrhizal types found in nature, the relationship with the anatomical and morphological diversity in fine-roots, the evolutionary history and the global impacts behind this important association.

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