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​Beyond the Community in Village Forest Management: A Governance Network Perspective

Published on: 08-Feb-2019

Event Type: Seminar
Event Date: 8 February 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Venue: ASE 3D Viz Laboratory Room (N2-B1c-16c)
Speaker: Rachel Friedman

About the speaker:

Rachel is a PhD candidate in the School of Biological Sciences and the Centre of Excellence in Environmental Decision-making (CEED) at the University of Queensland. Her research interests are broadly on the connections between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being within production (agricultural and forestry) landscapes, and the process and outcomes of land management decisions. Previously, she has worked on issues related to climate change, agriculture, and sustainable development policy and practice. She is currently supervised by Professor Kerrie Wilson, Associate Professor Jonathan Rhodes, and Dr. Elizabeth Law.

About the event:

Community-based forest management, while provoking images of local and grassroots efforts, often involves a suite of organisations outside of communities working toward both social and ecological objectives. In Indonesia, the government has adopted a social forestry policy, seeking to promote both conservation and community access to production and protection forests. This talk will highlight a case study of community-based forest management in Indonesian Borneo, applying social network analysis to better understand the roles and relationships of different actors in carrying out Indonesia's social forestry policy. We examined how government, NGOs, donors, and private companies interact through information exchange, resource provision, and collaborative and coordinated activities, as well as, their involvement at the village level. The findings suggest lessons relevant to Indonesia's accelerated policy implementation and the expanding decentralised forest policies in other southeast Asian countries.

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