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​Fire and Biodiversity: Feedbacks and interactions

Published on: 20-Aug-2019

Event Type: Seminar
Event Date: 20 August 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Venue: ASE 3D Viz Laboratory Room (N2-B1c-16c)
Speaker: Dr. Claire N. Foster, Australian National University

About the speaker:

Claire is a Research Fellow at the Australian National University. She has a PhD in applied ecology (2016) and research interests in ecological disturbance and biodiversity conservation. Claire’s PhD investigated the interactive effects of fire and macropod browsing on biodiversity. Her current research further explores feedbacks between fire and biodiversity, focusing on the influence of animals on fire regimes.

About the event:

Fire is a powerful ecological and evolutionary force. Yet, for most ecosystems, how fire interacts with other drivers of biodiversity remains poorly understood. In this seminar, I will use case studies from my recent research to illustrate how the effects of fire on biodiversity can be modified through interactions with other factors including herbivory, disturbance history and site characteristics. I will also discuss the often-overlooked side of fire-biodiversity relationships, and the focus of my current research; how biodiversity can itself influence fire.

Knowledge of the interactions between fire and other drivers will contribute to an improved predictive understanding of fire regimes and their ecological effects. This understanding will be critical to our ability to co-exist with fire in the context of global change.

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