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The ASE serves as a knowledge bank, providing information, policy advice and input to stake holders, based on our faculty’s in-depth understanding of environmental processes.  Much of our research is conducted in South-east Asia including Singapore, which enables us to make specific predictions relevant for this region.
ASE professors regularly serve as expert commentators to media, including Straits Times, Channel News Asia and the BBC.

Outreach News

​Date               Title​
1 Jul 2017 ASE student started an education initiative to raise awareness about social, environmental and cultural issues towards urban redevelopment in Singapore
31 May 2019​ Asst Prof Janice Lee in Straits Times: Too early to say if company’s sustainability effort is successfully preventing peatland fire and haze
16 May 2019 Prof Horton and Assoc Prof Switzer in Straits Times: Water spouts not unusual for Singapore, but climate change makes conditions more favourable for their formation
14 May 2019 Assoc Prof Adam Switzer talks at Temasek special edition conference on the impact of Global Warming on Singapore
13 May 2019 Asst Prof Janice Lee in Straits Times: Nature conservation in Singapore has come a long way – now time to play active role in safeguarding the region’s biodiversity