Graduate Research Programme


Issues in Ecology

Course Code: ES7022
Course Description:
This is an advanced course which aims to get postgraduate students to think critically and apply their knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations. As such, the students will be introduced to a series of 12 cutting edge topics including those currently under debate, and will expected to critically assess them. These very broadly fall into five groups: (1) Biodiversity Change, (2) Multitrophic interactions, (3) Pattern and Process in Nature, (4) Ecosystem Processes and Sustainability, and (5) Synthesis. A large part of the course will also be to write a review or opinion article on a fast moving topic in ecology. It is expected that this course will give the students tools to enable them to think critically about ecological issues and concepts, and to synthesize, discuss and present ecological material.
Next Offered: Sem 2
Lecturer: David WARDLE
Office Location: N2-01c-49
Lecturer: Federico LAURO
Office Location: SBS-B1n-27 / N2-01c-54
Lecturer: Patrick MARTIN
Office Location: N2-01c-46
Lecturer: Shawn LUM Kaihekulani Yamauchi
Office Location: N2-01c-55
Lecturer: Natasha BHATIA
Office Location: N2-01C-56
Years Offered:
AY 2018 - 2019