Graduate Research Programme


Structural Geology

Course Code: ES7012
Course Description:
This course will cover the deformation of Earth materials, from the scale of individual grains to large mountain belts. Much of the course will rely on the use of industry tools and data, with handson labs in addition to lecture content. Students should come out of the course with a thorough understanding of how Earth materials deform under stress, how we can observe and interpret this deformation, and how this is relevant to both the oil and gas industry and to our understanding of earthquake hazards. Elements to be covered (not equally weighted): 1. Introduction to structural geology 2. Structural geometry 3. Strain 4. Stress 5. Rock strength 6. Fractures (joints and faults) 7. Ductile deformation 8. Folds 9. Thrust faulting and mountain belts 10. Normal faulting and rift basins 11. Strike-slip margins 12. Salt tectonics and passive margins 13. Structural geology and earthquakes
Next Offered: Sem 2
Lecturer: Judith HUBBARD
Office Location: N2-01a-09
Years Offered:
AY 2018 - 2019