Undergraduate Programme


Curriculum Changes for New Students

Starting from AY2021-22, all undergraduate degree programmes will incorporate the curriculum structure of the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC) as part of the NTU Education 2025. Do refer to Figure 1 below for an illustration.*

The key elements of ICC curriculum and pedagogy are as follows:

  • Interdisciplinary – content is developed and taught by faculty from different disciplines and integrated to understand issues from various perspectives
  • Collaborative – students discuss and work in interdisciplinary teams on problems, projects or assignments
  • Core – learning outcomes are aligned to the 3Cs (Character, Competence, Cognitive Agility) of NTU graduates

ICC courses include:

  • 7 Core Modules focusing on Key Transferable Skills and Grand Challenges
  • Foundational Core Courses including Effective Communication, Digital Literarcy and a Mandatory Professional Internship or Attachment
  • Co-curricular Modules

In addition to the ICC curriculum, all new students will have to fulfil:

  • Major Requirement (Core and Major Prescribed Electives) – provides the fundamentals as well as advanced topics and trainings specific to the major discipline and specialisation
  • Broadening & Deepening Electives (BDE) – provides the opportunity to explore different courses in NTU; or take up more challenging and advanced topics within the chosen discipline


*The Curriculum of ASE BSc (Honours) Programmes for Matriculation Year 2021 or later, will be updated, once finalised.