Global Environmental Politics and Governance

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The increasing global population, combined with rising incomes, means the world’s environmental and natural resources are under significant pressure, and environmental politics are now thought of in global terms. Management of the Earth’s natural and environmental assets has become a major global focus. Humans have the capacity to protect, alter or destroy natural resources on a grand scale. Regulators confront trade-offs between human wellbeing and profit, guided by greed, emotion or a moral standing as well as informed management approaches. This course aims to provide students with the tools to be able to apply scientific, political, economic and social knowledge to help society resolve issues surrounding the use of natural resources and the conservation of the environment. This understanding will be crucial for Environmental Science majors who wish to work in Government bodies, NGOs or Private Companies in this field. Students will further their practical knowledge with a field course to better understand the issue of palm oil plantations in SE Asia.
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Year 2
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Sem 2
ES1001; ES2003
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AY 2015 - 2016
AY 2016 - 2017
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