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Global Seismic Monitoring with real-time GPS

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19 September 2017 - 8:00am
EOS Seminar Room - N2-01B-28
Timothy Melbourne
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Professor Timothy Melbourne's research is focused on modeling seismic waveform and GPS deformation data. He heads the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array, which uses continuous GPS to monitor crustal deformation throughout the Cascadia subduction zone, and in particular the slow earthquakes which frequently occur along the Cascadia plate interface fault. He teaches seismology, geophysics, and introductory geology.

About the event: 

Real-time GPS is a disruptive technology whose ongoing proliferation has transformed all aspects of precise timing and navigation. Upwards of a thousand real-time stations operate throughout the Cascadia and San Andreas systems and are useful for seismic and tsunami monitoring as well as a host of other natural hazards mitigation applications.  I will discuss CWU’s development of a comprehensive seismic monitoring system for the western US based on real-time GPS, its interface to traditional seismic monitoring, and its ongoing expansion into a global system that utilizes the increasingly dense international station distribution.