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TEDxNTU 2017

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7 October 2017 - 10:30am to 5:30pm
Nanyang Auditorium
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A great change comes with the price of a greater uprooting of the norms. It took an Uber to change the game for the car-deprived. An AirBnB for the room-deprived, an eBay for the shop-deprived and a Netflix for the Friday night plans-deprived.

It took a disruption for the change-deprived, to change the way we live today.
Can we predict the disruption of technologies, economies, social and status quo, the understanding of universe?

Do we know their potential?
Do we want to know how this will affect us?
Do we have an idea of what comes next?

There have been people working on these questions. People who see the world differently from us - as one in need of radical shifts, not as one that’s just good enough.
They are the visionaries, the doers, the go getters, the implementers, the ones who can change, alter or reform the rules of the game. These disruptors go beyond the mould of the current state that defines the way we live our lives.

Come join us at TEDxNTU 2017, as we look at the world through the eyes of our disruptors, innovators, scientists, philosophers, designers, economists, social workers, and how their disruptive ideas are changing the world we live in.
Federico Lauro, Oceanographer
Laura Allen, Environmentalist
Elim Chew, Social Entrepreneur
Wong Choon Yue, Technologist
Irm Haleem, Scholar of Violence
and more...
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