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The following manuals and guidelines are available via Downloads (login needed) for your perusal.


• Field Safety Manual – planning
• Laboratory Safety Manual – planning


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Guidelines

• Safety Training
• Emergency Response
• General Laboratory Safety Guidelines
• General Fieldwork Safety Guidelines
• Chemical Purchase and Transportation – updating
• Laboratory Waste Disposal – updating
• Laboratory Inspection – updating
• Risk Management – in progress
• License & Permits Application – in progress
• Safety Committee – in progress
• General Office Safety Guidelines – in progress
• Housekeeping – in progress
• Handling Minor Emergencies – in progress
• Working Alone and Overnight Activities – in progress



Please also refer to the NTU Safety Documents Center for other safety document relevant to the whole of NTU and your area of work.

If you need any other information or guidelines, please email Alistair Ting at for a discussion.