Legal and Contractor Management

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Legal Legislations

The Legal Register provides an overview to the legislative regulations that are currently applicable to ASE and EOS. It briefly tells you what the act and regulation means and how it is applicable to you (e.g. what kind of licenses or permits to apply or when do we need to do incident reporting to Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The License Register will state the licenses / permits / certificates that ASE and EOS are currently having. The folder also contains ASE-EOS wide chemical and statutory equipment certificates / licenses / permits.

Please download them by clicking on their respective links.


Contractors and Vendors Management

ASE and EOS have a duty of care to contractors and vendors engaged by us to do work in our premises. As such, it is important to ensure the following:

  • Remind them to sign on the visitor’s log book
  • Explain to them the evacuation routes and the general safety rules they have to observe
  • Ensure that they have pass a copy of their risk assessments (for the work that they are doing) to you
  • Report / remind them if you find that they are doing work unsafely

You can get more information by clicking and download the NTU Contractor Management Handbook.


Incident Reporting & Investigation

Any accidents, incident unsafe acts or near-misses should also be reported immediately so that proper investigation can be done and any rectifications or remedy actions can be made early to prevent such events from happening.

All staff and students should work closely with their Supervisor and also Safety Officer to fill out the NTU Incident Investigation Reporting Form. This will aid in the understanding of the event and allow corrective and prevention actions to be recommended and implemented.

In addition, this incident reporting table provides an overview to accidents / incidents which MUST be reported as dictated by the law.