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Legal Legislations

The Legal Register (via Downloads) provides an overview to the legislative regulations that are currently applicable to EOS / ASE. It briefly tells you what the act and regulation means and how it is applicable to you (e.g. licenses and permits to be applied). In addition, the License Register (via Downloads) states the licenses we have currently.


Incident Reporting & Investigation

This Incident Reporting Table (via Downloads) provides an overview to accidents / incidents which MUST be reported as dictated by the law. Please contact Alistair Ting at or 6794 3545 should you require assitance.

In addition, any unsafe acts or near-misses should also be reported immediately so that rectifications can be made. Staff and students should work closely with the Person-in-Charge (PIC) and Safety Officer to fill out the NTU Incident Investigation Reporting Form.


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