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ASE represented at NTU – ANU plant sciences workshop

31 Oct 2017

Prof David Wardle   Dr Shawn Lum

With the intention to stimulate future collaborations between NTU and Australian National University (ANU) in plant sciences and ecology, a joint NTU – ANU workshop was organized by the School of Biological Sciences on 30 October. Representatives from both universities gave talks on topics including photosynthesis, genomic information, ecology and translational plant biology. ASE was represented by Professor David Wardle and Dr. Shawn Lum. They gave overviews of their recent research, and projects they are starting up involving the ecology of peatlands in Indonesia and carbon storage and biodiversity in Singapore. Professor Wardle already has a project funded to work with colleges from ANU on herbivores and bushfire. Dr. Lum gave an overview of the various natural environments found in Singapore, and which can be studied during a field course ANU is planning to give in Singapore. Overall there seemed to be plenty of potential for interaction between NTU and ANU in terms of both research and student exchange.