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EOS Director of Community Engagement Sabrina Smith Appointed to ArtScience Museum’s International Advisory Board

03 Jul 2017

Mrs Sabrina Smith, Director of Community Engagement at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (Source: Rachel Siao)

When I first came to Singapore, two and a half years ago, I had my list of to-do’s. Getting to know the ArtScience Museum was at the top of this list.

The melding of art and science to tell a story and expand the reach of understanding is not a new concept. The idea that a painting, exhibit, or piece of sculpture could help inform a scientific phenomena has been around for centuries. Now, however, it’s evolving and, in my opinion, being taken more seriously within the academic community in a whole new way.

Scientific storytelling is what the ArtScience Museum does so well and it’s also what the Exploratorium in San Francisco, where I spent 10 years, does but in a very different way. The fun thing about the different philosophies these two museums use to share science with the public is it shows how vast a canvas there is to work with. Whether it’s a painting on the wall or an interactive exhibit, sharing science through art is compelling. It certainly compells me. 

So, when Ms Honor Harger, Executive Director of the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, invited me to join their International Advisory Board, I accepted without hesitation. I am thrilled to be a part of this Board with an exemplary group of museum professionals from around the world. And, I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with Honor and her team to support a different way of sharing science with the public.

I look forward to contributing my expertise to the Board, and supporting the continued creativity and dialogue that the ArtScience Museum has established in Singapore and beyond.

So what started as a to-do item two and a half years ago, has now become so much more. Not only do I get to know more about the ArtScience Museum, I get to be a part of it! What an honour.