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Prof Horton in the Straits Times: How South East Asia can adapt to and mitigate climate change

15 Oct 2018

ASE Chair Prof Benjamin Horton has written an editorial for the Straits Times, published on 10 Oct 2018, highlighting the urgency of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Southeast Asia, in view of the recent IPCC report. Prof Horton, who is also an editor of the upcoming IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, points out that decisions for conversion to renewable energy sources need to happen soon, and emphasizes the need for a broad approach to climate change in Southeast Asia, including urban planning, education, and change in land-use practices, such as reforestation. Though new technology is one important part of adaptation to climate change, we need to address the full picture to adapt to and mitigate climate change in Southeast Asia. By doing this we can still limit the consequences of climate change, and prevent soaring temperatures, rising sea levels, increased flooding etc. from having disastrous consequences on human health, societies and natural environments.