Incoming Students

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We will pre-registered the courses that you will be taking for Semester 1 in your first year. They are:
MH1800 – Calculus for the Sciences I
ES1001 – E2S2 Environment and Society
HE9091 – Principles of Economics
ML0001 – Absolute Basics for Career
BS1001 – Introductory Biology
This leaves one elective spot open. You should explore the range of course offerings at NTU. Students are pre-registered into BS1001 course so if they are interested in the Ecology Specialisation they will have the required science modules that are prerequisites for other courses in the specialisation.  However do note that there will be a add/drop period during the first 2 weeks of the semester. During this period, you may switch the Biology course (BS1001) to either a Physics or Chemistry course if you wish to. This would only be recommended if your are certain you do not want to take up the ecology specialisation, and you also will be separated from most of the rest of your E2S2 majors if you choose to switch your science course.  Similarly if you would like to take additional courses (GER-PE or UE), you may also do so during the add-drop period.  You will learn more about these options and your curriculum during the E2S2 orientation, with plenty of time before the add/drop deadline.  Should you need advising on this matter in the meantime, please feel free to email Miss Swee Yoke at