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General Scholarships for Continuing Students

General scholarships for current students at NTU are listed at NTU Undergraduate Admissions page.


The EOS Continuing Scholars’ Fellowship

This scholarship is offered for up to two top students from the class of E2S2 majors when they enter their 3rd year of study.  The scholarship will fund the selected students for their final two years to the NTU College Scholarship level, which covers subsidised tuition fees, and includes a living allowance of $6,000 each academic year.  The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students who have excelled in the major programme, but did not qualify for scholarships upon entering NTU.

Students will be required to submit an application for the scholarship during the fourth semester of their studies, and this will include details of; 1) the list of activities that the student have participated in NTU, in the local community, or for personal enjoyment, 2) a half-page description of research that the student have been involved in at ASE, 3) one page essay on the student's time in ASE and his/her future aspirations, 4) a letter of recommendation from 2 faculty members.  The ASE Undergraduate Committee will choose the students awarded the scholarship based on this application.