Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Current Students

Current Students

Degree Requirements

The PhD is designed to be completed with five years of study. During the first two years, students take courses and complete two exploratory research projects in consultation with two different faculty advisors. They also generate a proposal for their PhD research. After completing a qualifying...

Forms & Resources

Fieldwork & Research Travel

Our PhD students have the opportunity to travel around Southeast Asia and the world during their graduate studies.  Whether you’re coring a coral in Micronesia, obtaining new seismic data from Nepal, or creating a cutting-edge climate model using our state-of-the-art computing facilities at NTU...

Student Life

The undergraduate major programme in Environmental Earth Systems Science has an emphasis on faculty-student interaction beginning in the first year of study and continuing throughout the programme.  Field-based studies abroad are conducted at the conclusion of the first and third years of study, and are designed to acquaint students with modern techniques in the environmental Earth systems science, and provide students with real-world experience.  Students can choose to conduct study abroad in an international Earth science programme, and in their final year are encouraged to conduct independent research or complete an industrial attachment.