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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Environmental Earth Systems Science

Ecology & Ecosystems

Students who choose the Ecology Specialisation will take an expanded group of courses in biology and ecology to learn more about the biological and environmental aspects of life on Earth. Students who complete this specialisation may choose careers in NGOs that work in Singapore and the region, government agencies, biotechnology firms, and research. Please note that this specialisation requires chemistry courses at NTU that have a prerequisite of H2 Chemistry in A-levels. You may be able to enroll in these required courses without the prerequisites, but these courses may be difficult for you without this background. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your ability to join this specialisation.

All Specialisations

(Academic Year 2017/18)

Major Core

Course Code Course Title AU Year Taken Next Offered Prerequisite

Ecology & Earth Systems Specialisation

(Academic Year 2017/18)

Additional Major Core

Course Code Course Title AU Year Taken Next Offered Prerequisite
BS1001 Introductory Biology 3 Year 1 Sem 1
BS1008 Bioinformatics and Statistics 3 Year 1 or 2 Sem 2 BS1001
BS2002 Microbiology 3 Year 2 Sem 1 BS1001
CM1021 Basic Inorganic Chemistry 4 Year 1 or 2 Sem 1 H2 Chem
CM1031 Basic Organic Chemistry 4 Year 1 or 2 Sem 1 H2 Chem
ES2301 Principles of Heredity and Ecological Genetics 4 Year 2 Sem 2 ES2003, CM1021/CM1031
ES2303 Introduction to Ecology 3 Year 2 Sem 2 BS1001, ES2003
ES2302 Introduction to Field Ecology 2 Year 2 Special Term 2 ES2003
ES3301 Plant and Animal Physiology 4 Year 3 Sem 2 BS1001/CY1001, ES2003, ES2301
ES4301 Conservation Biology and Biodiversity 3 Year 3 or 4 Sem 1 AAB20D/ES2303, ES2301 and ES3301


Students from Ecology specialization will choose 23 AUs from the Major-PE. At least two course must be Tropical Ecology, Marine and Aquatic Ecology, Environmental Genomics or Environmental Biotechnology.

If students have not passed Physics at A-level or equivalent, they will be required to take PH1801 as part of Major-PE. Other students may not take PH1801.

Course Code Course Title AU Next Offered Prerequisite

GER Core

Course Code Course Title AU Year Taken Prerequisite


5 courses (15 AUs) with atleast one course in each category:

  • Business and Management (BM)
  • Liberal Arts (LA)
  • Science & Technology (STS)


Students have the freedom to choose any courses(18 AUs) they wish for Unrestricted Electives. If they choose they can use these units to complete an academic minor, gain depth or breadth in their field, or pursue other interests.