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Minor in Environmental Sustainability


What is the minimum entry requirement?

There are no entry requirements to be fulfilled. The Minor in Environmental Sustainability Programme is open to all students.

Is there a minimum grade for qualification of the award of the Minor in Environmental Sustainability?

Students are required to read 5 courses indicated on the Minor in Environmental Sustainability Course Website and earn a minimum of 15 AUs with letter grade. Courses with Satisfactory(S) or Unsatisfactory(U) grade are not counted towards the fulfilment of the minor requirements

Is there a limit to the number of Minor courses that I can take concurrently in the same semester?

No. There is no limit so long as students are confident of handling the workload in addition to the courses that they read in their main curriculum. However, note that the allocations will be courses to the availability of vacancies.

If I inform my School that I am interested to do a Minor in Environmental Sustainability, can my School help me if there are clashes in my time-table?

It is the responsibility of students to plan and ensure that all courses they intend to take in the semester do not clash. Students are to register for all courses according to the class schedule released every semester.

How do I register for Minor in Environmental Sustainability courses?

Registration is similar to the registration of Unrestricted Electives. That is, students will place the course(s) of their interest on the Waitlist in the course registration exercise. Allocations will be conducted and the course will be automatically registered for the students. Instructions on Course Registration will be disseminated by the Office of Academic Services (OAS, NTU) on a semesterly basis.

How will you differentiate between students who are interested in doing a Minor in Environmental Sustainability and those who take one or two of the Minor courses as Unrestricted Electives?

Allocations are subject to vacancies available. Students have to indicate during registration whether the courses are to be taken as Minor in Environmental Sustainability courses or GER (PEs) (i.e., General Education Requirement Prescribed Electives). There will be two separate queues and allocations will be done independently for each queue based on demand and supply. There is no priority of one queue over another as such.