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S / U Option

Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Option

Student may choose to exercise a maximum of 12 AUs of S/U option for GER-Prescribed Electives (GER-PE) and GER Unrestricted Elective (UE) anytime during their candidature.

For courses indicated as “S” (if the final grade obtained is a “D” grade or better), the student will be awarded the AU and it is counted towards his/her degree requirement. Conversely, if the course is assigned as “U”, no AUs is earned. Both “S” and “U” grades carry no grade point and are excluded in the computation of CGPA (Computation of Cumulative Grade Point Average). However, both grades will still be reflected in the transcript issued by the University.

The declaration of S/U option for Academic Year 2017-18 is held on:




Semester 1

02 Oct 2017 (Mon), 9.30am

12 Dec 2017 (Tues), 10pm

Semester 2



Points to note:

  1. Once S/U option is declared on a course, it will be irrevocable after the declaration exercise is over. Therefore, students are advised to print out a copy of the declaration for their own reference.
  2. To be awarded a degree, student must obtain at least 69 AUs of graded courses.
  3. Students cannot exercise S/U option for courses that count towards the requirements for second major / minor programme as well as graduate courses.
  4. More information on S/U option could be found on OAS Website.