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20 Nov 2018
Aftershock sequences represent ubiquitous observations of earthquake triggering. Maximum aftershock sizes and time decay can be well described by empirical laws (e.g., Bath’s law and Omori’s law), but explaining and...
23 Nov 2018
Details to follow
27 Nov 2018
Global and local ecosystem change resulting in diversity loss has motivated increased efforts to understand relationships between species diversity and ecosystem services. However, it is unclear how such an understanding...
11 Dec 2018
Studying the geographical variability and structure of past climate change is critical for understanding the mechanisms behind external climate forcing and how these are translated into regional environmental adaptability. This...
15 Jan 2019
USGS continues to further develop several near-real time earthquake information systems that provide rapid and automated alerting of shaking distribution, critical facility inspection priorities, and estimates of economic and human...

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