Introductory Field Experience, Bali, Indonesia (ES1006)

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This introductory field course gives our first year students the opportunity to gain fieldwork experience and apply the concepts they have learnt in the classroom to different tropical environments. This project based course is divided into three modules, representing the three specialisations offered in the BSc in Environmental Earth System Sciences programme: geosciences, ecology & ecosystems, and societies & earth system. Teamwork is a central part of the course and the field setting provides a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students better.

Jefferson Fu (2015 Bali course) ‘Doing a field course in your freshmen year is an experience you can only have once in your lifetime. But there were, 28 of us and all field trip team members, exploring and plunging ourselves into real-time natural objects in Bali. Personally, it gives me that sense of wonder and joy few other things of this world can offer.’

Julia Ang (2015 Bali course) ‘The most memorable thing was looking at the diamond-filled night sky at Prana Dewi on the second night of the trip. The sky looked like a piece of dark blue paper sprinkled with hundreds of glitter. It was something that I have never seen before.’

See photos from Bali Field Trip 2017 and Bali Field Trip 2015
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