Communication Skills for Scientists

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In pursuing a career in science, it is not enough to be a great researcher. Effectively communicating your research to members of the scientific community, at conferences, workshops, seminars and in teaching is also a critical part of having a successful and impactful career. This course will give students an opportunity to hone their presentation and communication skills through discussion, practice, and feedback on areas that include: • Identifying the key points of their results, and framing them in the big picture. Knowing how much information to convey. • Telling a story to make effective and interesting presentations. • Using visual communication techniques–color, typography, design principles; and • Body language and eye contact–how to feel and look confident. The course will focus around development of a short talk and poster about the students’ research, building throughout the course on the different elements of a presentation, from identifying key points, to developing the graphics, and finally to delivering the presentation.
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Sem 2
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AY 2018 - 2019
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