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Introduction to Conservation Biology and Biodiversity (For Students and Open to All)

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5 October 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
ASE 3-D Visualization Lab (N2-B1c-16c)
Dr. Han Y. H. Chen, Lakehead University
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Dr. Chen received his undergraduate and MSc education in China, and Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, Canada, in 1997. Before joining Lakehead University as an assistant professor in 2003, he worked for Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as senior forest management specialist for five years. He has been a full professor since 2008 and Lakehead University Research Chair professor since 2014.
Dr. Chen has authored 172 articles in peer-reviewed journals including as Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, and Ecology Letters. His research program has been continuously funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada with three Discovery grants and three Strategic Project grants among other research supports.
Dr. Chen has successfully supervised about 60 highly qualified personnel (15 postdoctoral researchers, 16 Ph.D., 13 MSc, and others), who have actively published in peer-reviewed journals. Most of Dr. Chen’s students are active in research and government policy as university professors and research scientists.
Dr. Chen received an Ontario Early Researcher Award in 2008 and numerous awards from Lakehead University including the highest recognition, Lakehead University Distinguished Researcher Award in 2014.


About the event: 

In this class, we will introduce course outline, evaluation methods, and expectations. We will define the concept of conservation biology, overview the state of global biodiversity, and examine the role of conservation.