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Admitted undergraduates join faculty for event at SCELSE

07 Apr 2014
DES was pleased to welcome admitted students for a chance to meet with faculty and tour the SCELSE facilities. The programme had a strong group of applicants, and it was a pleasure to have a chance to spend more time with the admitted class.  Our final group of admitted students demonstrated both excellent academic records and a passion for studying the Earth. Our first admitted class have academic records that put our programme on par with the best programmes at NTU, and top programmes at NUS, including Environmental Studies.
We are also pleased to announce that this year only, the Earth Observatory of Singapore is offering a $5,000 travel grant for all students admitted to the EESS major programme!  This grant will apply only to students who do not have a travel grant from another scholarship source, and can be used for exchange study at one of NTU’s University partners (, EESS field course tuition or travel costs, or tuition and travel costs for field courses offered by other Universities as approved by EOS/DES.  In addition to this, all students admitted to the programme will receive an iPad that can be used for studies in the classroom and field.