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ASE chair Professor Benjamin Horton science advisor for Singapore at Arctic Science Ministerial Forum

29 Oct 2018

Professor Benjamin Horton has been Singapore’s science advisor at the second Arctic Science Ministerial Forum, held 25 – 26 October 2018 in Berlin. The Arctic Science Ministerial Forum brings together scientists, science policy-makers from participating countries all around the world, representatives of indigenous organizations, and international science organizations. The overall aim is to deepen international collaboration enabling nations to address large-scale research questions of global and regional scale pertaining to current rapid changes taking place in the Arctic due to climate change, which have global impacts in terms of sea level rise and strengthened global warming.

The specific aims of this second Arctic Science Ministerial Forum were:

  • Strengthening, integrating and sustaining Arctic observations, facilitating access to Arctic data, and sharing Arctic research infrastructure;
  • Understanding the regional and global dynamics of Arctic change;
  • Assessing the vulnerability and building resilience of Arctic environments and societies.

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