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ASE Professor David Wardle on 2018 Highly Cited Researchers List

29 Nov 2018

With the release of the 2018 Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers List on November 27, Professor David Wardle from the Asian School of the Environment retains his position as a ‘Highly Cited Researcher’ in the area of Ecology and Environment. Researchers are selected for this list based on the number of highly cited publications (i.e., those in the top 1% of all publications) that they have authored during the past decade.

To appear on the ‘highly cited’ list in ecology would require publication of at least 8 papers in the past decade that are each recognized as being ‘highly cited’ or in the top 1% of publications in the field; Professor Wardle has nearly triple that, with 23 published papers over that period that are ‘highly cited’. His four most recent publications that are recognized as ‘highly cited’, all published in 2017, include a paper in Nature on global patterns of ecological responses to elevation, a paper in Science reporting a discovery on how plant-soil feedbacks soil biota regulates plant diversity, an article in Nature on the importance of biodiversity for humanity, and an article in Trends in Ecology and Evolution reporting the results from a horizon-scanning exercise on the future of invasion biology.

Professor Wardle has appeared on every Highly Cited list released since 2006, and consistently among the world’s 20 most cited ecologists worldwide since 2007 (currently 5th). He is one of 36 highly cited researchers announced on November 27 that are from NTU, the others being in the College of Engineering (x26), School of Physical and Mathematical Science (x6), the Lee Kong Chien School of Medicine (x2) and SCELSE (x1).

The 2017 Highly Cited Researchers list can be seen in its entirety at