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ASE student Chua Song Lin wins Mr Tay Tee Peng Distinguished Undergraduate Student Award

07 Nov 2018

Our warmest congratulations to Chua Song Lin, who is this year’s winner of OG Dept Stores - Mr Tay Tee Peng Distinguished Undergraduate Student Award, awarded annually to recognize existing undergraduate students in the college of Science who have demonstrated excellence in academic studies, leadership ability and contributions to the community. The winning project, entitled Lens on Mekong, aims to ‘generate meaningful youth-led conversation regarding Mekong Delta environmental crisis through photojournalism’.

Half of Vietnams food production relies on the Mekong Delta, but climate change, groundwater extraction and, plans to build an extensive system of dams, pose serious threats to the delta’s existence and thereby also to the livelihood and food supply for millions of people. Lens on Mekong will highlight these issues through a 3-day storytelling workshop in Vietnam with youth from the ASEAN countries. The workshop will include lectures from scientists and other professionals, fieldtrips and meeting with locals.

Using photojournalism to spread their message, the workshop participants will work with locals to produce videos documenting stories from the Mekong Delta, that will then be spread through social media to raise awareness of the Mekong Delta environmental crises.

In addition to the workshop, Chua Song Lin and his team will hold a photojournalism competition, which will be launched soon.