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Associate Professor Koh Tieh Yong discusses Singapore’s climate on The 5 Show

21 Apr 2015

Assoc. Prof. Koh Tieh Yong on The 5 Show“Mix of slightly hazy, thundery, 34°C days ahead,” read the headline of the Today newspaper on 19th April. Why does this happen and how will the warm and wet days affect us? These are some of the questions that presenters of MediaCorp's The 5 Show posed to Associate Professor Koh Tieh Yong.

In the five-minute segment Assoc. Prof. Koh explains some the possible consequences of global warming, which leads to soaring temperatures and heavy rainfall that we currently experience. Among the impacts—apart from the higher electricity bills—are increased risk of flooding and dengue fever. While effects of global warming are irreversible, we can, however, work to lower carbon emissions and adapt to these changes.

Watch Assoc. Prof. Koh’s interview here.