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Bioinformatics workshop hosted by ASE

08 Aug 2018

On August 20th a Bioinformatics workshop will be held at ASE, co-organized by ASE Associate Professor Federico Lauro and researchers from SCELSE. A number of researchers from ASE will participate in the workshop, which will focus on eDNA sequence analysis. SCELSE and ASE will be hosting Dr Thomas Jeffries from Western Sydney University, expert in computational biology and ecogenomics, who will run a workshop on the bioinformatics platform QIIME 2, and how to use the most current bioinformatics techniques to process and display amplicon sequencing data for molecular ecology. These methods can be used in a range of different types of research going on at ASE, SCELSE and LKC medicine that involve the analysis of microbial communities, such as taxonomical studies of phytoplankton , soil microbial communities of peat swamps , microbial composition of tsunami deposits, characterizing the human microbiome and compositional studies of microbes in air.