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Dr Shawn Lum on Money FM: How conservation and new development can be balanced at Tengah

21 Jan 2019

When Singapore’s radio station Money FM 89.3 discussed conservation aspects of the on-going new development in Tengah forest, radio host Michelle Martin invited ASE’s Dr Shawn Lum for an expert opinion. Dr. Lum visited the show representing Singapore Nature Society, where he is president.  

A recent article in the Straits Times points out that, though the forest has officially been deemed to have low conservation value, environmentalists say it is both an important vegetation node connecting the Western and Central Catchment areas of Singapore, and also home to several threatened species, including Straw-headed bulbul, Long-tailed parakeet and Sunda pangolin.

In the program, Dr Lum explains how a relatively young secondary forest can still host rare plants thanks to animal dispersal of seeds, and how the concept of carrying capacity limits the number of species that a limited area can host. He reveals how Singapore Nature Society would like to see a more ecologically robust new establishment in Tengah by building in connections between Tengah and surrounding nature areas, and leaving forest habitat zones within the development.

Have a listen to this informative interview here  
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