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Prof Benjamin Horton elected Fellow of the AGU

10 Aug 2018

Every year the American Geophysical Union (AGU) recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Earth and space sciences. This year, Professor Benjamin Horton, Chair of ASE and PI of EOS has been elected Fellow of the AGU, an honor in recognition of scientific eminence in the Earth sciences through achievements in research. Only one in a thousand members is elected to AGU Fellowship each year. Our sincere congratulations to Prof. Horton!

Professor Horton’s research concerns sea-level change and its effects on coastal environments, from salt-marshes and mangroves to coral micro atolls. Hundreds of millions of people in Asia and worldwide live in low-lying coastal regions that are vulnerable to changes in sea level brought about by climate change, storms or earthquakes. Prof Horton’s research uncovers past changes in climate variability and tectonics, to understand how the sea level may change in the future. His findings impact upon important ethical, social, economic and political problems specifically facing coastal regions.