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Professor Horton wins MOE Tier 2 grant

24 Sep 2018

Congratulations to Professor Benjamin Horton who has won a Tier 2 grant from the MOE for a study on local and regional patterns in sea level rise. Rising sea level is an inevitable consequence of climate change, caused by a combination of the increasing mass of water as polar ice caps melt as well as larger water volume due rising temperature changing the physiological properties of water. The current acceleration of sea level rise is the highest observed in several millennia and it shows no signs of declining. 625 million people worldwide live in low elevation coastal zones today, more than 70% of them in Southeast Asia, and the number is rising. To adequately assess risks associated with sea level rise it is vital to have more specific local and regional estimates of what magnitude of change to expect, and this is what Prof Horton’s new project is going to provide. With focus on East and Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Prof Horton and his team will use a wide range of datasets to create reliable predictions of future sea level rise that show regional and local variations. This information will be crucial for assessing risks associated with rising sea levels, including extreme climate events, and for creating safer societies for the hundreds of millions of people who live in coastal societies.