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Promising Bali scouting trip for Introductory Field Course

21 Feb 2014

A group of faculty just returned from a scouting trip in Bali for the Introductory Field Programme for undergraduates in the new Environmental Earth Systems Science major programme.  Students will participate in the 10 day course after their first year of study in the undergraduate major programme.  The course will focus on the interconnections between Earth's systems, and Bali is looking like it will be an excellent "laboratory" to explore these connections! 

The faculty trip included an expert in Bali's cultural anthropology, Stephen Lansing, and other key faculty who will be involved in the field programme.  We enjoyed learning more about Bali from Steve, who taught us about Bali's complex paddy system with irrigation and management that are tied to religious practices, a disastrous agricultural revolution in Bali that was followed by a return to (more) traditional practices, and a new UNESCO status that is bringing change.  And, of course, we have a pretty neat opportunity to study the active volcanoes in Bali as well!