Safety Training

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NTU has a series of COMPULSORY online-modules (to be taken via NTULearn) for all employees and students.

There are a wide range of modules to be taken depending on your area of work (which can be checked via the ASE-EOS Safety Training Matrix).

The following modules are however compulsory for ALL employees:

  • OHS2SIO01: NTU Safety Induction for Office Users / OHS2SIL01: Laboratory Users / OHS2SIF01: Faculty & Principal Investigators
  • OHS2FIS01: Fire Safety in NTU
  • OHS2ELS01: Electrical Safety
  • OHS2STF01: Slip, Trip and Fall
  • OHS2MAH01: Manual Lifting
  • OHS2FEB01: Use of Fire Extinguisher
  • OHS2WOE01: Workstation / Office Ergonomics
  • OHS2PCT01: SGESCURE Prepared Citizen Training
  • OHS2SIG01: Understanding Signage from SS506 (for laboratory users only)

It is also required for all staff, students, visitors (including interns) to attend a face-to-face safety induction (within a month) after they first arrived in ASE-EOS.

Please note: Laboratory (e.g. equipment) / field / task-based training for any work activity assigned is also required to be provided and to be properly documented. The training records should be kept by the group for at least six years.

In addition, the Office of Health, Safety and Emergency (OHSE) in NTU regularly conducts in-house training such as First Aid or CPR/AED awareness and Risk Management workshop. Please apply them via the Safety Training Management System (available via iNTU=>Learning and Development=>Safety Training Management System=>Apply Course).

If you are unsure of what safety trainings you need to complete, please feel free to contact Alistair Ting at ( or 6794 3945.