Smithsonian-NTU Partnership

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Workshops, Seminars and Exchanges

In addition to exchanges of staff and students between the ASE and the Smithsonian Institutes, we will be initiating two sets of new activities from 2018.

Workshops: Each year we will host a workshop on a topical issue relating to forest ecology which will involve bringing together relevant researchers (and, where appropriate, relevant stakeholders) for a period of 2-4 days. Details on these will appear on this page on due course.

Visitor Program: Each year we will bring a small number of visitors from overseas to NTU in Singapore that have relevant expertise in ecology to interact with staff at the ASE, for periods ranging from one week to several months. Details of this program will appear on this page on due course.


Upcoming Workshops and Seminars:

>>         22 June 2018   Oxford’s WildCRU 7-month course with available scholarships

>>    9 - 20 June 2018   International Workshop on Ecological Interactions in a Changing World