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Study Abroad

EOS Travel Grant

The EOS travel grant is a SGD5000 grant awarded to undergraduate students, intended to support travel, tuition, and room and board associated with study overseas. This includes the options described below. Other activities may be supported, pending approval, if they fall within the spirit intended by the EOS travel grant.


The Earth Observatory recognizes the importance of traveling to different parts of the Earth to experience and interact with different environments, ecologies, cultures, and geological features. As part of the travel grant, students are required to write a 2-page description of what they have learned from their field or study abroad experience, and may be asked to give a presentation about their experience to the observatory, their classmates, or potential future students.


Options to use Travel Grant:

1) Overseas field camp run by another university


2) Optional field trips run by ASE or EOS (outside of required curriculum)


3) Overseas/Local Exchange Programme


4) Travel costs associated with ASE/EOS research trip where participation is not essential to research (student spots made available by faculty member)


5) Travel costs to participate in research experiences abroad, hosted by another university